Initiatives in Rural Development

Rural India, which accounts for nearly three fourths of the India's population 
is characterized by low income levels
which are inadequate to ensure a quality of 
life compatible with physical well being
of common man.

District Administration in accordance with the policies of the Central and State governments
responsible at the grassroots for launching a frontal attack on rural poverty through various 
programmes which endeavour to reach out to the last and most disadvantaged
sections of society, provide them with avenues of employment and to
improve infrastructure relating to their life-supporting systems. 

Implementation of Rural Development Plans and Programmes

    Rural Development and poverty alleviation programmes are implemented on a decentralized basis throughout the country.

    The Central Govt. Ministry of Rural Development has been implementing programmes in the rural areas for which it releases central share of funds for policy formulation, overall guidance, monitoring and evaluation of the rural development programmes. 

    At the state level, Principal Secretary, Rural Development of the state govt. is the overall incharge for implementation. 

    At the district level the Zila Parishad (Rural Development) [earlier known as District Rural Development Agency (DRDA)] are responsible for the implementation of the rural development programmes. The governing body of the DRDA includes the Members of Parliament (MPs), Members of Legislative Assembly (MLAs), district level officials of related departments, and representives of the weaker sections of the society. 

    At the block level the Block Development Officer and at the villege level, the Gram Sevaks (Villege Representatives) are responsible for the implementation of rural development plans.


Performance of Zila Parishad, District Nagaur

    Zila Parishad (Rural Development), Nagaur and Zila Parishad (Panchayati Raj), Nagaur are working in accordance of the guidelines of the central govt. & the state govt. in the executing of rural development works. Various plans and projects are in various stages of the process of the completion of these programmes. Here is a list of some of the works and plans, being executed by these authorities in the district:  

Schemes of Rural Development

  • Vidhayak Sthaniya Kshetra Vikas Karyakram 
    (MLA Local Area Development Program)
  • Swarna Jayanti Gram Swarojgaar Yojana (SGSY)
    (Golden Jubilee Village Self-employment Scheme)
  • Indira Awaas Yojana
  • MADA Scheme
  • Sampurna Gramin Rojgar Yojna (SGRY)
  • Saansad Sthaniya Kshetra Vikas Karyakram 
    (MP Local Area Development Program)
  • Desert Development Program (DDP)
  • Combact Development Program (CDP)
  • National Watershed Development Project in Rural Area (NWDPRA)
  • Guru Golwalkar Yojna (GGY)
  • Swa Vivek Yojna

Schemes of Panchayati Raj

  • Twelth Finance Commission 
  • State Finance Commission (Third)
  • Pannadhay Jeevan Amrit Yojna
  • Mid Day Meal Yojna
  • Janta Aawas Yojna
  • Total Sanitation Program (TSP) 
  • Special Aid for Shanti Priya Gaon (Rs. 1 Lacs)
  • House Site allotment in Rural Area in concessional rate
  • Untied Fund Yojna
  • Deen Dayal Upadhyay Aadarsh Gram Yojna
  • Provide Urban facilities in Rural Area Pariyojna (PURA Project)